Munson Hospital is improving the health of Kids Creek with a beautiful new buffer.  Kathleen McManus, CFO, says the buffer is a “wonderful treasure to care for the healing process of the outdoors.” 

Kids Creek is a major tributary to the Boardman River, which supplies 30 percent of Grand Traverse Bay’s surface water.  Kids Creek is on Michigan’s Impaired Waters List due to sedimentation caused by heavy runoff.  The buffer will help reduce runoff, absorb pollutants and protect Trout habitat.

“This is a great thing for Munson to do, to set an example for our community,” says Andy Knott, Watershed Center Executive Director.  “We live in a freshwater community.  Our body, mind and spirit are connected to our surroundings.”   

Check out lovely photos on Facebook to see how buffers can be functional and beautiful.  

The Grand Traverse Conservation District was a project partner; Steve Largent supervised installing fish habitat structures and stabilizing banks.  Several volunteers helped with plantings.  The Munson design team built bridges over Kids Creek. 

McManus also explains that the buffer garden is an important part of “the healing process for patients and their families.”  Not only does the buffer help improve local water quality, but it’s a place of solace and outdoor recreation for patients.  We can help heal our Up North waters, and they can help heal us.

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