Phragmites Control

We have reduced the area of invasive Phragmites infestation by 78 percent on the Grand Traverse Bay shoreline in Grand Traverse County! That’s after only three years, thanks to a rapid response from local governments, initial coordination by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and continuing grant and technical support from non-profits in the region.

The success in Grand Traverse County could not have been achieved without the leadership of Acme and Peninsula townships, which made significant financial commitments for the initial round of treatment in fall 2009 after learning that promised funding would be tied up in state budget discussions.

Invasive Phragmites spreads through runners that grow as much as 40 feet in one year. The stalks can grow as tall as 15 feet. Because the stands become so dense and large, they do not provide good habitat for fish and wildlife in the shallow nearshore area.

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