Our Board

The Watershed Center is governed by a board of directors.

The board consists of a mix of representatives from nonprofit organizations, businesses and governmental units from throughout the region. Candidates for board membership are drawn from a broad pool that includes members, donors, partners and others.

The Watershed Center is always looking for dedicated passionate people to strengthen our board. If you would like to learn more about serving on The Watershed Center board, please contact Executive Director Christine Crissman at 231.935.1514 x 1.

Board Officers



Jeanine Easterday: Registered Nurse

Jeanine Easterday is a long-time resident and registered nurse with a history of political involvement. She understands the importance of water, not just as an essential component to life, but for our well-being as humans. For Jeanine, just watching water flow or the smell of water as it is carried by the wind, is core to her being.

Her goal on the board is to impact the political process and move our region forward in a way that benefits all its citizens as members of a global community. “The Great Lakes provides one-fifth of the world’s fresh water. That is critically important both politically and environmentally,” she says. “It is our responsibility as stewards of the earth to protect and strengthen them. The Watershed Center is the best way I know of to go about that.”




Larry DeBow: Retired Industrial Sales

Larry moved to the area in 2013 and joined the board in October 2015. He has had a long interest in protecting clean water for future generations. “Serving on The Watershed Center board is a very worthwhile and important commitment,” he says. “Helping protect the Bay and the Great Lakes is of vital importance to the area.”




Monica Larsen: Veterinarian

Monica has served on the board for four years. She and her husband moved to the  area because of its beautiful landscape and abundant natural resources. “Proper stewardship of these precious and important resources is important to me, and serving on The Watershed Center Board is one of the ways I can actively participate in this stewardship,” she says.

Monica enjoys meeting folks in the community, particularly young people, and sharing information that helps impart an understanding of why it is so important for all of us to be good stewards of our watershed. She hopes to continue to broaden and deepen efforts to educate the The Watershed Center’s members and the community’s young people on water-related issues.




Kevin Dillan: Chemical Industry Consultant/Dow Chemical Retiree

Kevin and his wife Kelly moved permanently to Traverse City in 2013 after visiting the area on weekends. The Dillans appreciate the unique natural gifts of this region and Kevin wanted to do his part to help ensure the vitality of our watershed in the face of ever-changing challenges.

“The Watershed Center fits my personal values because it seeks to work toward common good for the community from a proactive, positive and collaborate approach with stakeholders,” Kevin said. “I believe that most people want to do the right thing and will take appropriate actions on their own to protect the Bay if they become aware of how they can help.”

One of Kevin’s goals for his term include getting more young people involved and excited about the mission through educational and fun events that capitalize on our exceptional natural resources.

Board Members

JaneConradJane Conard: Part-time pharmacist, Munson Medical Center inpatient

Jane moved to the Grand Traverse region in 2001 and joined The Watershed Board in October 2015. She serves “to preserve and improve our precious water resources in northern Michigan.”

Her personal goals as a board member and the impact she’d like to see the organization make in the future include further educating the public about what is needed to do to preserve our waters. In addition to The Watershed Center, Jane is also active in Old Mission Women’s Club and enjoys playing pickle ball through the Senior Center.

Eric Keller: Northern Michigan Regional Director for U.S. Senator Gary Peters

Eric brings his extensive public policy, campaign, and government experience to our board. With a passion for building a better Michigan, he has worked to make Great Lakes protections the high water mark for smarter energy policies and climate solutions.

Eric grew up in Northern Michigan and completed his undergraduate degree in Political Science at Eastern Michigan University.


Tom Klein: Independent Strategic Marketing Consultant
Tom and his wife Lauren moved to Traverse City in 2017 from the Greater Grand Rapids area, embracing their love for the outdoors, environment, community, and affection for everything Northern Michigan has to offer.  Tom brings his 11 years of commercial marketing experience in the areas of market research, product development, branding, strategy, relationship marketing, digital marketing, international business, and business development to the board.  Tom adds a unique perspective in applying these core commercial principals to the nonprofit world in how we build deep long lasting relationships with volunteers and donors through a strong strategic marketing foundation.

John NelsonJohn Nelson: Retired Grand Traverse Baykeeper®

John Nelson has been involved with The Watershed Center in some capacity for 20 years. He first served as a board member in 1999 and then became the first Grand Traverse Baykeeper® when The Watershed Center became a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance in 2002. He served as Baykeeper for 13 years before retiring in 2015 and re-joined the board in early 2016.

“Clean water is shared as a common essential for all life,” says John. “I value that we live in a truly unique water rich watershed and freshwater embayment that we must protect.

John says his goals on the board include supporting the mission and staff of The Watershed Center, working to ensure the organization is financially viable to further its mission and cultivating a team approach as a board to support The Watershed Center and its mission.


RReiderRobert Reider: Retired Fisheries Biologist

Robert is a retired fisheries biologist and joined the board in early 2016. He chose to serve on the board because the organizations’ mission to advocate for for clean water in the Grand Traverse Bay and protect and preserve the Bay’s watershed, aligns with his personal values regarding the water resources of this beautiful area.

“I am very supportive of The Watershed Center’s active role in various restoration projects and monitoring activities in the watershed,” he says. “As a board member I will have the opportunity to be an active steward of the wonderful freshwater resources of the Grand Traverse Bay area.”



Phil von Voigtlander: Retired research director, pharmaceutical industry

Phil is a biomedical scientist (pharmacology/toxicology) and veterinarian whose career focused on drug discovery for treatments of neurological and psychiatric diseases. He has had a lifelong interest in the relationships of animals and plants to the physical environment and their continual evolution.

Phil is a lifelong sailor and builder of small boats and assisted assisted the Grand Traverse Baykeeper with the planning and construction of the Bay Monitor tug. “I have been involved with the Watershed Center for over 12 years and its development and maturation into a major contributor to environmental protection and restoration has been the highlight of my post-employment life,” he says. “I support the Watershed Center and several other environment groups to maintain and reclaim natural areas that can then continue on as nature’s laboratories to respond to the changing world.”

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