Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to all of our generous donors. Your support is invaluable. A list of our 2016 Donor Honor Roll is below as well as lists of donors from previous years.

Please report any errors to Executive Director Christine Crissman at or 231.935.1514 ext. 1.


Great Lakes – $25,000 and up
Michigan Department of  Environmental Quality
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Lake Michigan – $5,000 to $24,999
City of Traverse City
MacDonald Garber Broadcasting
Rotary Charities
Waterkeeper Alliance

Bays – $1,000 to $4,999
Antrim County
Baylife North
Richard and Susan Bingham
Susan Brown
Byte Productions
Consumers Energy Foundation
Create TC
Grand Traverse Bay YMCA
Grand Traverse Resort and Spa
Great Lakes Commission
Christy Kuhnke
Alfred and Joan Bonney
Michael and Rhea Dow
Rick and Lundy Harwood
Herrington-Fitch Family Foundation
McWilliams-Piraino Family Foundation
John Nelson and Lynne Moon
Northwestern Michigan College
Paddle Antrim
Short’s Brewing Company
Siebenthaler Foundation
Steven and Kathryn Bandstra
Luella Rorick
Up North Media
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Tom’s Food Market

Wetlands – $500 to $999
Bill Marsh Auto Group
Bonobo Winery
Robert Carstens
Ben and Tracy Coe
Jane Conard
Larry DeBow
Molly Donahue
Nancy Dotlo
Grand Traverse Organic Landscapes
Great Lakes Environmental Center
Great Lakes Sailing Company
Impres Salon, Inc
Integrative Health and Wellbeing
Michael Gill and Charlene Abernathy
Jim and Diana Huckle
Paul and Laura Jacobson
Neal and Stephanie Johnson
Charles and Susie Konieczny
Level 40 Adventures
Tom McLenithan
Duane and Jill Meyer
Mitchell Graphics
Munson Medical Center
Rysso & Wingfield, PLLC
Andrew Muth and Patricia Saad
SOS Analytical
Karl Pearson
The Boeing Company
The River Outfitters
Rick and Kim Thomas
Traverse City State Bank
Wildlife and Wetland Solutions

Rivers – $250 to $499
Candace Ashley
Ruth Bay
Blue Water Transportation
Raymond and Patricia Bologna
Bonek Agency
Dan Brady
Thomas and Cindy Buss
Glen and Allison Cavanaugh
Jack Christensen
Crystal Mountain Resort
James and Barbara Diana
Kevin and Kelly Dillan
James Donaldson
Jeanine Easterday
Donald and Janice Fleming
Charles and Julie Frayer
Jeff Graft
Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation
Ilze Hammersley
Brian and Jennifer Jaffe
Len and Connie Klein
Kristina Lishawa Photography
Monica Larsen
Jennifer Lawrence
J. Rebecca Lyman
Peter and Anne Magoun
Troy and Sarah Naperala
Michael Newman and Chantel Lefebvre
Kean and Dawn Oh
Clifford and Cheryl Pixler
Robert Reider
Jon Richardson
Rotary Camps and Services
Albert and Amelia Scaglione
Robert and Kay Stehouwer
Frederick and Mary Ann Stehr
Dick and Nancy Thompson
Mary Tonneberger
Phil and Barb vonVoigtlander
Tim Werner
Katherine Wiberg

Lakes – $100 to $249
Richard Arlen
Adon Austin
Backcountry Outfitters
Robert and Anna Barron
Peter and Antoinette Bauer
Norbert and Virginia Bergmann
Warren and Barbara Berthelsen
Ann Bolinger
Rick and Marcia Boynton
Anne Brasie
Richard and Marty Brauer
Drew Brighton
Paul and Amanda Brink
Gary and Dotty Brown
Jack and Sheila Buchanan
William and Sandra Buyak
Paul and Carole Campbell
Jodi Cannon
Jim and Holly Cartwright
Chateau Chantal
Cherry Knoll Elementary PTO
Cherry Republic
Michael Cianciolo
Michael Coco and Marci Bultemeier
Ellen Cohn
William and JoAnn Cole
Cynthia E. Collins
Community Foundation of Greater
Michael Comos and Ellen Coon
Dave Conrad
Meredith Cote
Eric and Christine Crissman
Thomas and Mary Croft
Darrell Dafoe
Stacy Daniels
Ann Davey
Debra Sanborn Fine Art
Chris and Katherine DeGood
Stanley F. Dole
Sandra Dunn
Lillian Durecki
Michael Englesbe
Fab Fresh Foods
Roger and Carol Faber
Hugh and Betty Farber
Gregg Fazzoni
Candy Fletcher
Len and Karen Franseen
Bill Fromm
Stephen and Gloria Gainsley
Tim Gardner
Lee and Candy Gardner
Doug and Shirley Gembis
Tom Gilbert and Marsha Smith
Barbara Goodell
Glenn Goodman
Judy Goodrich
Grand Traverse Audubon Club
Michael Grant and TJ Andrews
David and Janet Gwinnell
Roger Haag
David and Margaret Hauser
Agnes Hayden
Carl and Charlotte Heideman
George Henning
Anita Henry
David Hulefeld
William Hunt
Donald Hutchinson
Jerry and Carol Inman
David Irwin
Donald and Marilyn Jaquish
Laura Jaquish
Tim Jenkins
Cara Johnson
Keith and Claudette Johnson
Marilyn Kamp
Janet Kelley
Jeffrey and Susan Kessler
Michael Kim
Deborah Kimball
Tracy Korte
Richard Kosinski and Deborah Ochs
Anne Krawczak
Daryl and Carol Landis
Steve and Sharon Largent
Charles and Dorothy Laufer
Suzanne Leich
Mark and Lori Leugers
Michael Loszewski
Lowell and Sue Ann Loweke
Ray and Nancy Ludwa
Lux Body
Carl and Diane Madion
Kathleen T. Magliochetti
Cathy Markes and Constance
Vance Marshall and Harriet Wall
Read Scott Martin
Hannah Maxbauer
Louise McCormick
Chad McCutcheon
Kay McDowell
Jason Myers
Phillip and Vina Mikesell
Tim Nelson
Joseph and Michele Nerone
Nancy Nickerson
Homer Nye and Rebecca Mang
Kurt Olzmann
Oryana Natural Foods Market
Robert Osthimer
Karen Petel
Elmer and Rith Peterman
Ken Pickering
Patrick Pierce
Frank Pinkepank
William and Priscilla Pixler
Guy and Anneke Wegman Plamondon
Robert and Diane Portenga
Holly Poulos
Bill Rastetter and Cary Weed
David and Susan Reck
Kent and Mary Ann Reynolds
Deborah Ritchie
Fred and Mary Rohn
E. David and Elizabeth Rollert
Janet Rorick
Robert and Grace Rudd
David Ruthven
Saint-Gobain Corporation
Robert and Sharron Scholz
Christina Selent
Judith Shepelak
Julianne Smoot
William Soderquist
Janet Soltys
Jerry and Barb Springer
Gregory and Kerry Steck
Chris and Nancy Steele
Peter and Penny Szafran
Francis and Evelyn Tenbusch
Cynthia Terhaar
June Thaden
Cyril and Jacqueline Thiel
Elizabeth Thompson
George and Sally Thompson
Christopher Thompson
Stephen and Amy Tongue
Paul and Nancy Tousley
Traverse City Beach Bums
Robin Vanderkaay
Chris Varner
Diane Verploegh
Mary Louise Vitelli
Katherine Vogel
Kent and Suzanne Walker
Kenneth and Patricia Warner
Price and Jane Watts
Richard and Lucinda Weiermiller
William Weiss
Stephanie Wheat
Richard and Raj Wiener
Charles Wilbur
William and Mary Swift Foundation
David and Roberta Williams
Yen Yoga and Fitness
John and Marylou Zaloudek
Michael and Christine Zenn

Streams – $1 to $99
Erin Abernethy
Peter and Bernadette Albers
Danny and Sandy Albert
Bill and Nancy Allen
Sharon Allen
Taryn Allen
Amal Alyusuf
Dorance Amos
Anne-Marie Andersen
Stephen Andriese
Debra Anton-Coburn
Judith Arnold
Jean Aukerman
Todd Avis
Cathie Ballard
Jeff Ballast
Ana Barba
Karen Barbour
Karen K. Barbour
Ann Bardens-McClellan
Vernon Barker
Lauren Batcheller
Lorraine Batdorf
Bay Area Recycling for Charities
Bayside Market
Susan Beadle
Thomas Beadle
Jerry Beasley and Fleda Brown
Barbara Beauregard
David Bechtel
Mary Bednar
Olivia Belanger
Betty Bell
Marika BeVier
Dan and Tracy Bielaczyc
Katelyn Bienkowski
Marlene Bienkowski
Courtney Bierschbach
Timothy and Mary Binder
Cynthia Birk
Nancy Birnie-Visscher
Felicia Bloom
Rick and Kathy Bodette
James Bomhof
Sandra Boone
Torre Boone
Mary Jane Borst
Jennifer Bourdo
William Bower
Alice Bremner
Ann Bremner
Tim Brick
Bob and Wendy Brickman
Paul Brink
Preston Britner
Donna Brown
Richard and Gay Budinger
Alyssa Burda
Terry Burge
James and Barbara Burkholder
Anne Burns
Rhoda Bush
Francis Butz and Ruth Ann Leppala
Susanne Buxton
Andrea Byrne
Jill Byron
Gerald Cabbage
Donna Calhoun
Chris Campbell
Howard Cann
Sean Cavanaugh
Marcia Cebulla
Adam Cefai
Chris and Sue Chang
Jan Chapman
Chateau Grand Traverse
Joel Cheney
Scott Cheney
Martin and Carole Chirgwin
Angela Chokran
Emmy Lou Cholak
Chuang Chong
Colleen Christensen
Ann Clark
Carla Clemons
Jaclyn Clever
Sara Cockrell
Barb Cole
Beth Collins
James Collins
Tom and Peg Comfort
Cynthia Cook
Jennifer Cook
Lendra Cooper
Sharon Cope
Edward Cote
Deborah Crawford
Cynthia Csapo
Marsha Cuckler
Nancy Darga
Caleb Davis
John De Korne
Sharon Dean
Marlene December
Patricia Degnan
George Degraeve
Amy Denawetz
Linda Deneen
Shelly Derrer
Caroline Dieterle
Janet Dimitroff
Daniel DiSalle
Chaka Donaldson
Levi Donaldson
David Dougherty
Maura Dougherty
Connie Dowling
Bryce and Paula Dreeszen
Cindy Duby
Jim and Sue Dutmers
Ann Early
Marge Eckert
Kathy Egan
Steve Eiseler
Cynthia Elliott
Tom and Diane Emling
Mackenzie Endo
Keith and Gail Marie Evans
Candace Ewing
Melanie Ferguson
Jena Ferrarese
Laura Flikkema
Jayne Flores
Steve and Kimberly Flynn
David Foley
Kristen Foley
Margaret Forgione
Laura Franseen
William and Constance Frey
Carol Freysinger
Hollis Fromm
Jim and Susan Frye
Nathan Fuga
Joanne Fuller
Mary Fuller
Mark Gaby
Robert Gamalski
Fernando Maldonado Garces
Stephen Gardner
Karen Gerlando
Roger Ghanem
Michael Gillman
Beverly Gilmore
James Gilmore
Dean Ginther
Gabriela Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez
Richard Gould
Crystal Grantham
Breanna Greenland
Tiffany Gregory
Michael Greifenberg
Brett Griffiths
Dorothy Grow
Carol Haag
Karlyn Haas
Carol Hale
Brian Hall
James and Judy Hall
Kurt Haller
Catherine Hammond
Shane Harrison
Ingrid Hartsock
R. Scott and Rhonda Hauter
Jody Hayden
Christine Hayslip
Kathleen Head
Yvonne Healy
Laurie Hebert
John Heiam and Lois Goldstein
Carrie Henry
Marcy Hermann
William and Debra Hershey
Wallace and Dolores Hibbard
James and Lois Higgins
Susan Higgins
High Five Threads
Higher Grounds Trading Company
Carol Himelhoch
Shirley Hinnau
William and Suzanne Hoff
Deborah Hogan
Kent and Becky Holton
Jim Hoogesteger
Scott Hooper
Patricia Horger
Jessie Houghton
Colleen Houle
Michelle Howard
Andrew Huber
Joe Hulett
Jen Hutchinson
Lisa Hypnar
Image 360
Heidi Jaafar
Martha Jamieson
Annette Jarman
Jennifer Jeskey-Sabuda
Warren Johnson
Nate Jonker
Sarah Jonker
Marc Judge
Rachel Juen
Sue Justice
Shannon Kalsta
Marilyn Kamp
Michael Kaplan
Mitchell Katz
Denise Keely
James Keet
Melissa Kelenske
Clifford and Kathy Kelto
Michael Khoury
MJ Kibby
Kelly Kimberling
Adrienne Kimbrell
Robert and Karen Kingon
David Kirby and Martha Topol
Julie Klaker
Kathryn Klein
Karl and Barb Klimek
Daemian Koehler
Mike Kolarevic
Mirjana Kovacevic
Pat Krajewski
Shari Kramer
Joan Kramps
David and Barbara Krause
Brian Kriesel
Jeff Kroeger
Carl and Carolyn Kucsera
Ronald Kuhn
Zak Kuhn
Stanley Kurzman
Emily Kwekel
Laura Kwekel
Jeff and Jeannette Kyff
Jason LaLone
Stephanie Lamphere
Joseph Lane
Tali Lanham
Megan LaPine
David Laughton
Kimberly Lawson
Barbara LeJeune
Marcel and Carrie Lenz
Living Light Massage
Stephanie Lockman
Robert Logee
Luke Londo
Jan Londo
A. Catherine Look
Megan Love
Shanda Lowery-Sachs
Timothy Lund
Thomas and Barbara Lyon
Kimberly Manrique
Gregg Marco
Ken and Priscilla Marek
Joseph and Norma Mariage
Mike and Deb Marois
Karl and Barbara Marsh
John and Mildred Martin
Anna Martin
Michael Mast
Hannah Matthews
Stephanie Mathewson
Kirsten Matson
Jack and Joann Mayer
Gloria McClay
Patrick and Maureen McCool
Christopher McDonals
John McDonald and Donna Miller
Douglas and Ann McInnis
Daniel and Lucy McKeen
Christopher McManus
Michael McManus and Sue Brightheart
Carl and Susan Mead
Susan Metcalfe
Barbara Meredith
Budimir Milic
Slobodan Milic
Gretchen Miller
Katie Miller
Jaime Miller
Joseph Miller
John and Darcy Milliken
Claud Mills
Minor’s North Jewelers
Edward and Carolyn Moehle
Erica Mohr
Alejandro Moreno
Robert and Mary Ellen Morrison
Douglas and Chandra Morse
Vita Morse
Elizabeth Muck
Bill and Marguerite Muempfer
Colleen Mulligan
Jonathan Munson
Erika Myers
Mark and Joan Nadolski
Cheryl Nagengast
Laine Nakfoor
Mary Nakfoor
Jordan Nannestad
Angela Neumann
Thomas Newhall
Priscilla Newman
Nan Niewiandomski
Shannon Nitchie
Becky Norris
Erika Norris
Deb Marois
Northern Michigan Mensa
Dave and Elizabeth Olson
Peter and Janet Ostrowski
Judy Owen
Louis and Estelle Pach
Painting with a Twist
George and Donna Parker
Richard and Victoria Parker
Sarah Parker
Ashley Patten
Lisa Pekar
Kathy Pelham
Randy Perkins
Monnie Peters
John and Carol Peterson
Nelly Petrock
George Pfaller
Jeff Pfaller
James and Elizabeth Pfaller
Madelyn Pfaller
John R. and Amy T. Pflughoeft
Thomas and Barbara Pickett
Ashley Pierson
Emilie Piontek
Jason Plum
Cilley Plumstead
Susan Post
Jill Poyle
Amy Pritchard
Lun Pugh
John and Melinda Putz
Dan Quigley
Montserrat Quintanar
Herman and Vickie Radtke
Mari Raphael
Joe Rathbun
Greg and Terri Reisig
Dean and Bonnie Rhoads
Michael and Alice Rhyner
Zach Ricchiuti
Clark Richardson
Jason Ricks
April Riddell
Lorie Robb
Alice Robinson
Craig Roebuck
Ann Rogers
Carl Rogers
Virginia Roosevelt
Craig and Mary Rosenberg
Jean Ross
John Roth
W.J. Winston Rowlett
Ann Rundle
Travis Rundle
Deborah Rysso
Paul and Lori Sak
Diane Samarasinghe
Adam and Kim Sargent
Brian and Sheri Saxe
Eric Scheie
Shaine Schindler
Jessica Schlimme
Ty Schmidt
Bill Schnitker
Barbara Schutzgruber
Teresa Scollon
Nancy Seasholes
Jelena Sesar
Baiba Seward
Megan Shapiro
Eleanor Shaw
Linda Shomin
Robin Silva-Wilkinson
Frank Simkins
David Simpson
Kunkun Singh
James and Shannon Sitek
Michael Size
Pamela Skinner
Paul Skinner
Tim Skinner
Robert and Anne Skoff
Mark and Ann Smith
Sheldon Smith
Nancy Snider
Samantha Snyder
Kim Soden
Margaret Soderberg
Ted Soltys
Sally Somsel
Anne Spala
David and Barbara Spinniken
Leo and Linda Stallman
Carol Statema
Stacey Steeno
Ruth Stow
Nataliya Straus
James Stricko
Marie Strong
Marvin and Carol Studinger
Patrick Sullivan
Tracy Swain
Judith Swartz
Katharine Swift
Lucas Tannous
Herb and Mary Taylor
Rachael Taylor
Rith Thelen
Heather Therrien
Theresa Thomas
Christopher Thompson
Gaylene Todd
Samuel and Emily Todd
Hollie Torba
Jeanne Toupin
Traverse City Film Festival
Patricia Traux
Gene and Fame Turner
Joseph and Carol Turner
Nicole Turner
ZoeAnne Turner
Jeanne Underwood
Jenny Ung
Marene Valdivia
Javier Valle
Molly VanderHorn
Elizabeth Vanderkaay
Susan VanKersen
Bill and Peggy Van Petten
LoAnn Vande Leest
Rick and Judy VanDeWeghe
Anne Vaxelaire
Michael Vickery and Linda Koebert
Scott and Lynne Vinkemulder
Wendy Wagoner
Bailey Waldherr
Brian Walsworth
Chris and Ashlea Walter
Judith Walter
Jim Walwo
Erin Wander
Anthony Watkins
Juanita Watson
David and Becky Watt
Barbara Weber
Kathy Wegner
Shannon Welch
Katherine Wells
Nicholas Werner
Ty Wessell
Keri Wheeler
Norman and Mimi Wheeler
Jane Wightman
James and Marilee Williams
Gary Winans
Katherine Winans
Robert Winnie
Khristy Wisson-Powell
Linda Witt
Jennifer Wolf
Allen and Janice Wolfe
Lee and Julie Wollgast
Barbara Woodhams
Robert and Barbara Ann Woodrow
Elizabeth Wynn
Kristine Yamaoka
Jennifer Yocum
Thom Yocum
Kristin Zaks
Richard Zerafa
Linda Zertasky
Doug Zernow
Harry and Patricia Zientek
Pamela Ziriax
Rose Zivkovich


2015 Honor Roll of Donors

2014 Honor Roll of Donors

2013 Honor Roll of Donors

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