Freshwater Summit

The Freshwater Summit is an annual conference of environmental professionals and engaged citizens focusing on current issues facing the Great Lakes region. 

What: 11th Annual Freshwater Summit

When: Friday, October 26, 2018

Where: Hagerty Center, 715 E. Front Street, Traverse City

2018 Topics To-Be-Announced; 2017 topics included:

  • Meteotsunamis in the Great Lakes and the Next Generation of Hydrodynamic Forecast Models
  • Pushing the Boundaries: Technology-Driven Exploration of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the Discovery of Two Historic Shipwrecks
  • Swimmer’s Itch: New Advances in Research and Control
  • Grand Traverse Watersheds: Havens for Imperiled Native Species presented
  • Harmful Algae: Causes, Impacts, and the Federal Role presented
  • FishPass: Developing Selective Bi-Directional Fish Passage in the Great Lakes

The Freshwater Summit is a product of the Freshwater Roundtable and is organized by The Watershed Center, Great Lakes Water Studies Institute, Michigan Sea Grant Extension, Great Lakes Environmental Center, Inland Seas Education Association, NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management, and the Grand Traverse Conservation District.



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