Please contact Gov. Snyder and ask him to veto SB 163.  The bill would move state wetlands authority from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to state politicians.  You can contact Gov. Snyder here.

Enacting SB 163 would mean weaker wetlands protection for our beautiful Up North waters.  It would mean that state legislators, many of whom have no proper environmental training or education, would decide the fate of our beautiful and functional wetlands.  That’s right, our wetlands would fall prey to political bickering.

Maintaining Michigan’s control over wetlands in accordance with the Clean Water Act is in the best interest of protecting our vital resources. Wetlands are natural sponges and filters that clean our water and prevent flooding damage to property.

The original intent of the legislation was to correct shortcomings in the state’s wetlands protections.

Thank you for protecting our Up North waters!

Image:  Petobego wetlands on East Bay
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