May 2021 – Leelanau Township resident and retired public policy advocate Doug Whitely complied his second essay collection to inform, inspire, encourage discussion, and offer recommendations to the citizens of Leelanau Township to help build a better future for the community. Essays include thought-provoking data and discussions on the local economy, recreational trails, real estate trends, and environmental threats.

The Watershed Center’s Executive Director Christine Crissman authored the essay Clean Water and Septic Inspections: Ensuring the Future of Clean Water and Our Local Environment. Michigan is the only state on the nation without uniform standards for how septic systems are designed, built, installed, and maintained. District health departments have their own sanitary codes that regulate the installation of septic systems, but once the systems are installed they are rarely (if ever) inspected again.

“Currently, there remains a lot of uncertainty regarding effective septic system oversight and a continued lack of acceptance of the human health and water quality implications of undermaintained and/or failing septic systems. The lack of oversight and regulation should not prohibit property owners from taking necessary steps to prevent water quality degradation and human health effects before they happen. It is our responsibility to maintain our septic systems for the health of our neighbors and the protection of our waters.”

Christine Crissman, TWC Executive Director

Read the entire essay collection “A Collection of Public Policy Essays for Leelanau Township, Michigan: Volume Two.”

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