The Watershed Center is pleased to announce the approval of the Coastal Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Plan by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. This plan is an update to the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Protection Plan approved in 2003.

The initial Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Protection Plan has proven to be highly successful, with many organizations utilizing it to shape their restoration activities over the past few decades. Specifically, The Watershed Center has received almost $14 million to implement key portions of the plan that annually prevent 1,726 tons of sediment, 1,482 pounds of phosphorous, and 4,604 pounds of nitrogen from entering Grand Traverse Bay and its waterways.

The Grand Traverse Bay watershed has 9 subwatersheds, most of which are major tributary drainages to the bay and are highly unique with specific assets, issues, and threats. As such, The Watershed Center and local partners decided to write management plans for the 2 largest Grand Traverse Bay subwatersheds – the Elk River Chain of Lakes and the Boardman River. The Coastal Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Plan therefore focuses on water quality recommendations for the other, smaller drainage areas of the watershed, with a specific focus on protecting water quality in the bay.

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