Since 2003, The Watershed Center has brought more than $11 million to our region to implement our EPA-approved Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Protection Plan.

Our projects have prevented more than 20,130 tons of sediment, 13,100 pounds of Phosphorous, and 37,350 pounds of Nitrogen from entering Grand Traverse Bay and its watershed.

We have accomplished this through:

  • Restoring 35 stream bank stabilization sites totaling 4,302 feet (including 200 ft on Grand Traverse Bay)
  • Planting 23,151 square feet of riparian filter strips/buffers
  • Installing 31 rain gardens/bioinfiltration basins (18 in Suttons Bay, 13 in other locations)
  • Establishing 3 stormwater wetland areas of various sizes
  • Installing more than 6,800 square feet of pervious pavement
  • Installing 8,542 feet of underground infiltration trenches (Bryant Park, Cowell Family Cancer Center, Suttons Bay, Northport)
  • Installing 3 downspout planter boxes (Munson Medical Center)
  • Installing 9 oil/grit separators in Traverse City
  • Installing 3 drywells (Grand Traverse Commons)
  • Improving 8 road crossings
  • Daylighted 900 feet of Kids Creek Tributary A and restored 1,200 feet of Kids Creek Tributary AA (both involved floodplain reconnection and riparian buffer installation)
  • Installed 6,500 square feet of green roofs (Munson Medical Center)
  • Managed sediment during removal of Brown Bridge Dam (one-time removal of 390,000 tons of sediment, 331,500 pounds of Phosphorous, and 663,000 pounds of Nitrogen)

The Watershed Center continues to identify sites and seek funding for protection and restoration activities consistent with the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Protection Plan. Almost 95% of our grant-based project funding goes right back into the community, not only helping support our basic operations, but also facilitating green jobs and keeping our local economy moving.

The following are just a few of our achievements through the years, which would not be possible without your support!

Boardman Lake Management Plan

Bio Basin at Rugg Pond

Bryant Park Runoff Improvements

Constructed Wetland at Boardman River Nature Center

Constructed Wetland in Suttons Bay

East Bay Park Antibacterial Filters

Educational Watershed Signs

East Grand Traverse Bay Stormwater Education Campaign

Hannah Park Improvements

Kids Creek Stormwater Project

Macrophyte Bed Study

Munson Hospital Buffer

Pervious Pavement Demonstration

Phragmites Control

Rain Gardens at Boardman River Nature Center

Road Stream Crossings

Stormwater Best Management Practices

Stream Bank Restorations

Suttons Bay Rain Gardens and Runoff Filters

Torch Lake Buffer Survey

Twin Birch Golf Course Improvements

Watershed Planning Projects

Water Quality Database

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