Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to all of our generous donors. Your support is invaluable. A list of our 2017 Donor Honor Roll is below as well as lists of donors from previous years.

Please report any errors to Executive Director Christine Crissman at or 231.935.1514 ext. 1.


Great Lakes – $25,000 and up
Department of Environmental Quality
Environmental Protection Agency
Lake Michigan – $5,000 to $24,999
Alabaster Fund
City of Traverse City
Community Foundation Land Use and Conservation Planning Endowment
Dole Family Foundation
McDonald Garber Broadcasting
Waterkeeper Alliance
Bays – $1,000 to $4,999
9&10 News
Antrim County
Richard and Susan Bingham
Susan Brown
Consumers Energy Foundation
Larry DeBow
Detroit Red Wings
Michael and Rhea Dow
Great Lakes Commission
Great Lakes Environmental Center
The Greater Concinnati Foundation
Green Brick Foundation
Rick and Lundy Harwood
Herrington-Fitch Family Foundation
Lear Corportion
McWilliams/Piraino Family Foundation
John Nelson
Oleson Foundation
Paddle Antrim
ReLeaf Michigan, Inc
Luella Rorick
Siebenthaler Foundation
SOS Analytical
Steve and Kathryn Bandstra Foundation
Dick and Nancy Thompson
Tom’s Food Market
Wetlands – $500 to $999
Charlene Abernethy and Michael Gill
Aerial Interactive
Bill Marsh Automotive Group
The Boeing Company
Bonobo Winery
Byte Productions
Community Foundation Rotary Endowment
Ross and Brenda Biederman
Robert Carstens
Tracy and Ben Coe
Jane Conard
Kelly and Kevin Dillan
Molly Donahue and Keith Reynaud
Nancy Dotlo
Grand Traverse Organic Landscapes
Grand Traverse Resort and Spa
Jim and Diana Huckle
Paul and Laura Jacobson
Neal and Stephanie Johnson
Calvin Karr and Jayne Mohr
Charles and Susan Konieczny
Duane and Jill Meyer
Munson Medical Center
Karl Pearson
Robert Reider
Patricia Saad and Andrew Muth
Bruce Schroeder
Short’s Brewing Company
TC Foods, Inc
Mary and Ron Tonneberger
Traverse City State Bank
Rivers – $250 to $499
Tracy Jane Andrews and Michael Grant
Candace Ashley
Jane Blackwell
Raymond and Patricia Bologna
Bonek Agency, Inc
Alfred and Joan Bonney
Anne Brasie
Donald Carpenter
Cherry Republic
Dave and Kristen Conrad
Christine and Eric Crissman
Ryan Crow
Shelli and Joey DiFranco
Jim Donaldson
Jeanine Easterday
Daniel and Debra Edson
Elk-Skegemog Lakes Association
Environmental Consulting and Technology
Juliana Fernandez
Donald and Janice Fleming
Julie and Charles Frayer
Bill Fromm
Jeff Graft
Scott and Cindy Hardy
Brian and Jennifer Jaffe
Monica Larsen
Jenny and Jim Lawrence
Richard Lewis
Cathy Markes and Constance Claybaker
Kay McDowell
Troy and Sarah Naperala
Jim Niedzinski
Homer Nye and Rebecca Mang
Oryana Natural Foods Market
Clifford and Cheryl Pixler
Guy Plamondon and Anneke Wegman-Plamondon
Miles Potter
Whitney Potter
Jon Richardson
Rotary Camps and Services
Mary Schaff
Hale Schaleben
Frederick and Mary Ann Stehr
June Thaden
Christopher Thompson
Mikann and Michael Thompson
Stephen and Amy Tongue
Traverse Bay Sunrise Rotary Club
Douglas Verellen
Phil and Barbara von Voigtlander
Gary Watkins
Wildlife and Wetland Solutions
Lakes – $100 to $249
Donna Ainsworth
John Stephen Alguire
Ihsan Alsultan
Karen Anderson and Martin Sturm
Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies
Cathie Ballard
Jim Barnes
Peter and Antoinette Bauer
Betty Betker
Mark Blumenthal
John and Susan Boles
Jean Bolley
Ann Bollinger
Boyne Country Sports
Mindy Bradshaw
Steven and Mary Branstner
Ann Brennan
Terrence Brennan
Paul and Amanda Brink
Jeff Broderick
Mike and Nancy Brown
David and Ruth Bump
William and Sandra Buyak
Ernest Cadotte
William Cameron
Paul and Carole Campbell
Holly and Jim Cartwright
Zachary Chin
Betsy and Martin Colburn
William and JoAnn Cole
Cynthia E. Collins
David Colliver
Peg and Tom Comfort
Rick and Karen Conrad
James and Darlene Cooper
Chris Cracchiolo
Warren and Suzanne Creamer
Margaret and Robert Crissman
Mary and Thomas Croft
Stacy Daniels
Chris and Katherine Degood
Barbara and James Diana
Kenny and Susan DiFranco
Stanley F. Dole
Bette Donahue
Erin Donahue and Todd Makar
Maura Dougherty
Donald and Sally Eichberger
Eric Elliott
Michael Englesbe
Leslie Etienne
Roger and Carol Faber
Betty and Hugh Farber
Gregg Fazzoni
Robert and Karlen Fellows
Joan Fisher Woods
Candy Fletcher
Kevin Floyd
David Foley
Michael Forster
Thomas and Claire Fox
Len and Karen Franseen
Stephen and Gloria Gainsley
Lee and Candy Gardner
Dan Gilmartin
Barbara Goodell
Mark and Solveig Gustafson
Janet and David Gwinnell
Roger Haag
Anita Hale
David and Margaret Hauser
Agnes Hayden
Bill Hayes
Kathleen Head
Charlotte and Carl Heideman
George Henning
Higher Grounds Trading Company
Bethany Holmes-Bozung
Karen Hovey
Scott and Michele Howard
Mike and Carol Hypio
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
David Irwin and Kathryn Bock
Mike and Joanie Jackson
Laura Jaquish
Jil Johnson
Marilyn Kamp
Philippa Kaye
William Keleher
Janet Kelley
Jeffrey and Susan Kessler
Heather Kingham
Len and Connie Klein
Patricia Knipper
Ellen Kohler
Tracy Korte
Jason Kruszewski
Daryl and Carol Landis
Richard Laney
Suzanne Leich
Mark and Juliana Leslie
Mark and Lori Leugers
Nick Love
Lowell and Sue Ann Loweke
Ray and Nancy Ludwa
Carl and Diane Madion
Mac Magee
Anne Magoun
Peter Magoun
Christopher Malek
Darryl and Rebecca Malek-Wiley
Elizabeth and Frank Malone
David and Anne Mann
Donald Markley
Gerilyn May
William McCune
Gregg McDonald
Todd McMillen
Gary McNaughton
Barbara Meredith
Autumn and Tavis Millerov
Jay and Jennifer Mills
Erica Mohr
Douglas and Chandra Morse
Cathleen Muncey
Mary Nakfoor
Michael Newman and Chantel Lefebvre
Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council
Deborah Ochs and Richard Kosinski
Stephen and Raenette Palmer
Sarah Parker
Paulette and Grant Parsons
Darcie Peck
Karen Petel
Monnie Peters
Christine Petersen
Greg Petty
Patrick Pierce
Lori Pilong
Roberta Polk
Roz Potter
Holly Poulos
Tom Prichard
Amy Pritchard
Herman and Vicki Radtke
Royce Ragland
Bill Rastetter and Cary Weed
Judith Reich
Kent and Mary Ann Reynolds
Ann Rogers
E. David and Elizabeth Rollert
Chris and Linda Romero
Janet Rorick
Edward Ross
Michael Ruch and Kathleen Meyer
Grace Rudd
Patricia Rudolph
Albert and Amelia Scaglione
Robert and Sharron Scholz
Jonathan Schroeder
Lucy Schroeder
Phyllis Schroeder
Judith Shepelak
Cleo Silver
Marsha Smith and Tom Gilbert
Sally Somsel
Barb and Jerry Springer
Yvonne Stephens
Peter and Penny Szafran
Francis and Evelyn Tenbusch
Cyril and Jacqueline Thiel
George and Sally Thompson
Paul and Nancy Tousley
Nancy Vandenberg
Village of Elk Rapids
Todd and Pamela Vitaz
Kent and Suzanne Walker
Harriet Wall and Vance Marshall
Janice Warren
Andrew Watkins
Richard and Lucinda Weiermiller
William Weiss
Diane Welker
Tim and Karly Wentzloff
Katherine Wiberg
Charles Wilbur
William and Mary Swift Foundation
David and Roberta Williams
Streams – $1 to $99
Eden Abrahamian
Faith Abrahamian
Judy Albert
Jim Allegro
Maurie and Betsy Allen
Abigail Alwin
Erik Anderson
Stephen and Mary Andriese
Sharon Angel
Leah Antal
Emily Asare
Sandra Avis
Todd Avis
Ryan Badgley
Kenneth Baker
Frederick Bald
Terry Baumann
Bay Area Recycling for Charities
Susan Beadle
Olivia Belanger
Jody Bennett
Timothy Bennett
Sally Berthel
Tyler Bevier
Cynthia Bidker
Courtney and Nick Bierschbach
Janice Bies
Nathaniel Birdsall
Cynthia Birk
Nancy Birnie-Visscher
Cory Bissell
David Block
Rick and Kathy Bodette
Earl Bogrow
Thomas Bousamra
David Bowen
Megan Bowen
Stephanie Bowen
Lau Braunstein
Barbi Brayton
Maura Brennan and DanO’Neil
Bob and Wendy Brickman
Chris Briggs
Richard Brown
Maureen Burfiend
Sandra Burge
Tim Burke
Nancy Burt
Carmela and Joseph Burtell
Jeff Burton
Rhoda Bush
Susanne Buxton
Elizabeth Bynum
Stephanie Calves
Chris Campbell
Howard Cann
Christopher Cargill
Carol Carlin
Bruce Cartwright
Golda Cawley
Jan Chapman
Therese Charbonneau
Hannah Cheadle
Renn Cheadle
O. Ann Chinn
Kelly Clark
Paul Clark
Bern Cole
Rachel Coles
Stephan Collins
Don Colliver
Donald Colliver
Karl and Tracy Cooper
Marie Coppa
Dean Corey
Meredith Cote
Sandra Cripps
Marsha Cuckler
Rachele Cummings
Linda Dabrowski
Adelfa DaFoe
Kevin and Korene Dahl
Matthew Dayton
Michael DeBruyn
Jean Derenzy
Mary DeVries
Philip Dick
Caroline Dieterle
Jane Dolney
Robert Dotterrer
Dale Dozeman
Rick and Tracey Dreves
John Drisco
Richard Dupuis
Megan Eby
Marge Eckert
Virginia Eggen
Jill Eichner
John Mark Eiden
Cynthia Elliott
Tom and Diane Emling
Mackenzie and Marcia M. Endo
Becky Ewing
Dustin Farhat
Robert Favetta
Steven Fernand
Danielle Fink
Beverly and Jamie Finlayson
Kelly Fisher
Carol Fisk
Jake Flynn
Craig and Colleen Formsma
Forrest Formsma
Tiffany Formsma
Robert Frank
Rachael Franks Taylor
William and Constance Frey
Wilhelmina Frost
Debby Gardner
Stephen Gardner
Tom Gee
Doug and Shirley Gembis
Greg Gillett
Michael Gillman
Beverly Gilmore
Cin Gilmore
James Gilmore
Dean Ginther
Rebecca Glotfelty
Patricia Goldschmidt
Lisa Gomoll
Charles Goodman
Craig and Lisa Goodrich
Kevin Gracely
Jack Grant
Richard Grant
Staci and Chad Haag
Karlyn and Brian Haas
Justin Ham
Eric and Amy Hansen
Ricky Haro
Michael Harrell
Harrington’s By The Bay
Patrick Hart
Lisa Hass
Deb Havens
Leah Hayes
Tracia Hayes
Christine Hayslip
Dan Hendrix
Anita Henry
Kim Henschell
Erin Henshaw
Renee Herman
Marcy Hermann
Jeanne Hess
Pamel Hill
Shirley Hinnau
Leora Hofer Pitt
Deborah Hogan
Shirley House
Melissa Hovey
Cynthia Howes
Judith Hoxsie
Robert Hume
Jerry and Carol Inman
Wendy Irvin
Margaret Jackson
Bruce and Marilyn Jacobsen
Marilyn and Donald Jaquish
Jennifer Jeskey-Sabuda
Erin Johnson
Keith and Claudette Johnson
Bradley Jones
Nate Jonker
Heather and Chad Jordan
Marc Judge
Michelle Kaiser
Hugo Kanitz
Mike Kaplan
Julie Kaplan Herschovitz
Dan Kelly
Maura Kelly
Pamela Kelly
Shannon Kelly
Brooke Kemler
Paula Jo and Jamie Kemler
Michael Kenny
Kelly Kimberling
Adrienne Kimbrell
Robert and Karen Kingon
Julie Klaker
Tom Klein
Mark Klem
Gerald and Donna Klinefelter
Patricia Koch
Jon Kohler
Rick Korndorfer
Jeff Kroeger
Zeb Krumlauf
Ronald and Edith Kuhn
Stanley Kurzman
Alex Kuzma
Laura Kwekel
Maja LaForest
Richard Landis
Tali Lanham
Steve and Sharon Largent
Susan Lemmen
Marcel and Carrie Lenz
James Leonard
Denise Levens
Colleen Lewis
Janice Lieberman
Marilyn Likins
Jennifer Lipford
Local Universe, LLC
Judith and Dale Lopus
Sarah Louisignau
Jane Lund
Thomas and Barbara Lyon
Eric Mack and Suzette Lavigne
John Macorkindale
Krystn Madrine
Joseph Magliochetti
Kaitlyn Malaski
Elizabeth Mallek
Marcy Maller
Ken and Priscilla Marek
Barry and Deborah Marsh
Karl and Barbara Marsh
John and Mildred Martin
Catherine Matraves
John May
Laurie McCauley
Gloria McClay
Rob McClelland
Kara McConnell
Pamela McCormick
Alexis McDowell
Ann and Douglas McInnis
Brian McKenna
Brooke McKnight
Kyle McLachlan
Shirley McMann
Beth Melczarczyk
Sarah Merkle
Joseph Michaels
Slobodan Milic
Donna Miller and John McDonald
Jaime and Timothy Miller
Katie Miller
Mary Miller
Sharon Millerov
John and Elnora Milliken
Emily Monstrey
Cheryl Moore
Lori Morelli Niemer
William and Katherine Morgan
Emily Morrison
Natalie Morrison
Bill and Marguerite Muempfer
Trish Mull
Lisa Mullen
Colleen Mulligan
Marshall Murrey
John Michael Musselman
Jeanette Mutersbaugh Gillespie
Roman Nadolishny
Emily Nakfoor
Jeremiah Nakfoor
Stephen Nance
Joseph and Michele Nerone
Allison Nevitt
Cari Noga
Jennifer Noga
Becky Norris
Daniel and Jeni Noelle Novak
BF Oakes
Ellen Offen
Susan Ogilvie
Mary Orth
Catherine Ortiz-Wiegele
Cynthia Ostroski
Jason Ostroski
Nick Ostroski and Heather Smith
Laura Padalino
Joan Page
Dennis Palmer
Christina Paniel
Milagros Paredes
Judith and Robert Pelto
John R. and Amy T. Pflughoeft
Ken Phinney
Barbara and Thomas Pickett
William and Priscilla Pixler
Brian Post
Susan Post
Gary and Rachel Powell
Bob Pratt
Kathleen Primo
Holly Provenzano
Sue Provenzano
John and Melinda Putz
RoseMarie Quiles Simon
Ellen Rambo
Polly Reber
Richard and Leslie Redmond
and Carol Reichard
Raymond and Barbara Reinert
Greg and Terri Reisig
Dean and Bonnie Rhoads
Michael and Alice Rhyner
Clark Richardson
Andrea Richey
Tom Roehm
Virginia Roosevelt
Michael and Sharon Root
Jeffrey Rosen
Eva Rosenwald
Jean Ross
Florian and Joan Rundio
Rysso and Wingfield, PLLC
Shanda Sachs
Bill and Julie Salter
Emily Santer
James Schaberg
Lori Schafer
Carey and Tracey Schiller
Shaine Schindler
Tom and Susan Schmidt
Rick Schmitt
Kevin Schmutzler
Eugene and Faith Schoon
Brenda Schultz
Dirk Schwarz
Teresa Scollon
Becca Scott
W. Thomas Scott
Lilean Sedlacek
Beth Seeger
Frederick Sevald
Eleanor Shaw
Cindy Sheathelm
B. Michael Sheffer and KC Skinner
Clare Shipstead
David Simpson
Jeff Slaton
Jeffrey L. Smith
Mark and Ann Smith
Nicholas Smith
Margaret Soderberg
Kurt Sonen
Holly Wren Spaulding
Leo and Linda Stallman
Melonie Steffes
Linda Canan Stephens
CP Stevenson
Daniel and Susan Stoudt
Ruth and Bob Stow
Anne Stubenvoll
Kathleen Sullivan
Lisa Talbot
Ellyn Tarrant
Timothy Terrell
Heather Therrien
Kim and Rick Thomas
Chris Thompson
Kate Thornhill
Solver Thorrson
Claudia T’Kindt
Ryan T’Kindt
Karilyn Tomashik
Andrea Tomes
Roger and Elizabeth Ann Trim
Randy and Sarah U’Ren
Marene Valdivia
Elizabeth Vanderkaay
Kaly Vasquez
Anne Vaxelaire
Jon Vos
Hans and Maureen Voss
Marie Voss
Emily Votruba
Mark Vroman
Tom Wagner
Wendy Wagoner
Christine Walker
Jim Wallace
Brian Walsworth
Ashlea and Chris Walter
Brian Walter
Elizabeth Warner
Christine Waters
David and Becky Watt
Price and Jane Watts
Gina Webber
Michael Weise
Polly and Dan Welburn
Harry Wiberg
Phyllis Wilkinson
Adam Williams
Wendy Williams
Mike and Carey Wills
Lee and Julie Wollgast
Connie Wood
Jill and Gary Worden
Brianna Youker
Kathy Young
Nicholas Zacek
John and Marylou Zaloudek
Tricia Zeman
Harry and Patricia Zientek
Rose and Mark Zivkovich


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