Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to all of our generous donors. Your support is invaluable. A list of our 2018 Donor Honor Roll is below as well as lists of donors from previous years.

Please report any errors to Executive Director Christine Crissman at or 231.935.1514 ext. 1.


Great Lakes ($25,000 and up)
Environmental Protection Agency Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality 319 Clean Water Act
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
Lake Michigan ($5,000 to $24,999)
City of Traverse City
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality 205(j) Clean Water Act
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Beach Act
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Clean Michigan Initiative
Waterkeeper Alliance
Bays ($1,000 to $4,999)
Antrim County
Barbara Berthelsen
Bill Marsh Automotive Group
Richard and Susan Bingham
Susan Brown
Consumers Energy Foundation
Larry DeBow
Michael and Rhea Dow
Rich and Susan Erwin
Grand Traverse Resort and Spa
Great Lakes Environmental Center
Green Brick Foundation
Rick and Lundy Harwood
Herrington-Fitch Family Foundation
Jim and Diana Huckle
John Nelson and Lynne Moon
Royce Ragland and Ken Bloem
Luella Rorick
Siebenthaler Foundation
SOS Analytical
TC Foods Inc
The Thomas Piraino & Barbara McWilliams Family Foundation
Three Lakes Association
Dick and Nancy Thompson
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
Tom’s Food Market
Wetlands ($500 to $999)
Charlene Abernethy and Michael Gill
Action Water Sports
Tracy Andrews and Michael Grant
The Boeing Company
Robert Carstens
Jane Conard
Jim and Barb Diana
Kelly and Kevin Dillan
Nancy Dotlo
Elk-Skegemog Lakes Association
Donald and Janice Fleming
Great Lakes Potato Chip Company
Bill Hayes
Hazelnut Kids
Integrative Health and Wellbeing
Stephanie and Neal Johnson
Duane and Jill Meyer
Munson Medical Center
Dawn and Kean Oh
Karl Pearson
Robert Reider and Sue McCraven
Patricia Saad and Andrew Muth
Mary and Ron Tonneberger
Nancy Vandenberg
Wildlife and Wetland Solutions
Yoga for Health Education
Rivers ($250 to $499)
Patricia and Raymond Bologna
Bonek Agency, Inc.
Alfred and Joan Bonney
Maura Brennan and Dan O’Neil
Dave and Kristen Conrad
Michael K Daley and Maureen Murphy
Chris and Katherine DeGood
Michelle and Joseph DiFranco
Jim Donaldson
Environmental Consulting & Technology
Julie and Charles Frayer
Bill Fromm
Lee and Candy Gardner
Jeff Graft
Grand Traverse Organic Landscapes
Mark and Solveig Gustafson
Hand Surgery of Northern Michigan
George Henning
Jennifer and James Lawrence
Homer Nye and Rebecca Mang
Oryana Natural Foods Market
Clifford and Cheryl Pixler
Rotary Camps and Services
Mary Schaff
Spicer Group
Frederick and Mary Ann Stehr
June Thaden
Douglas Verellen
Phil and Barbara von Voigtlander
Gary Watkins
Tim Werner
Katherine Wiberg
P.J. Ziriax
Lakes ($100 to $249)
Nicole Alexander
Steve Alguire
Sarah Allaben
Peter and Antoinette Bauer
Kenneth Bauwens
Ruth Bay
Jennifer Beams
Mary and Norman Beeker
Sarah Bennett
Betty Betker
John Blase
Rosemary Blase
Mark Blumenthal
John and Susan Boles
Jean Bolley
Anne Brasie
Cassady Brege
Paul and Amanda Brink
Janice Brown
Joann Brown
Michele Brown
Dotty and Gary Brown
Sheri and Jerry Bruno
Jack and Sheila Buchanan
Terry Burge
Ernest Cadotte
Paul and Carole Campbell
John Clappison
Ann and Sam Clark
Marci Bultemeier and Michael Coco
William and JoAnn Cole
James and Darlene Cooper
Marie Coppa
Edward Cote
Chris Cracchiolo
Warren and Suzanne Creamer
Christine and Eric Crissman
Mary and Thomas Croft
Parker Crutchfield
Stacy and Carol Daniels
Christine DeHaan
Stanley F.  And Elizabeth G. Dole
Jane Dolney
Erin Donahue and Todd Makar
R. David Donoghue
Jeanine Easterday
Daniel and Debra Edson
Kathy Egan
Leslie Etienne
Sandra Eyl
Roger and Carol Faber
Betty and Hugh Farber
Gregg Fazzoni
Robert and Karlen Fellows
Joan Fisher Woods and Randy Woods
Candy Fletcher
Jayne Flores
Virginia Foley
David Foley
Thomas and Claire Fox
Len and Karen Franseen
Kathryn and Donald Frerichs
Linda Frownfelte
Jane Gale
Jason Green
David Greene
Chad and Autumn Haag
Roger and Carol Haag
Staci Haag
Doug and Emily Hagedon
Anita Halvorsen
David and Margaret Hauser
Hayden Foundation
Susan and Charles Holmes
Shirley House
Scott and Michele Howard
Mike and Carol Hypio
David Irwin and Kathryn Bock
Mike and Joanie Jackson
Leslie Jan
Judith Jensen Fowler
Katharine Julian
Janet Kelley
Charles and Janet Kibby
Kurt Kovach
Michael LaBazzo
Daryl and Carol Landis
Kylie Lannen
Suzanne Leich
Mark and Juliana Leslie
Richard and Colleen Lewis
Philip Little
Ray and Nancy Ludwa
Peter Magoun
Renee Mahon
Kelley and Christopher Malek
Darryl and Rebecca Malek-Wiley
Dr. Jan Manning
Paul Marek
Archibald and Margaret Martin
Joel Martin
Bridjet and Roger Mausolf
Joanne McAvoy
Gloria McClay
Rob McClelland
Barbara Mcgivney
Donna Miller and John McDonald
John and Elnora Milliken
Jay and Jennifer Mills
Emily Monstrey
Douglas and Chandra Morse
Jeanette and Douglas Gillespie
Raymond Naglik
Emily Nakfoor
Tim Nelson
Joseph and Michele Nerone
Rich Newton
Russell Newton
Dave Nothstine
Jennifer Oesterling
Cheryl Oleski
Jennifer Olmstead
Madonna and Michael Pachota
Running Dog Studio
Andrew Paterson
Kathy Pelham
Monnie Peters
Kirk Phipps
Patrick Pierce
Charles and Suzanne Pryde
Kent and Mary Ann Reynolds
Philip and Joan Roels
E. David and Elizabeth Rollert
Janet Rorick
Grace Rudd
Patricia Rudolph
Joseph and Kelley Sarafa
Robert and Sharron Scholz
Teresa Scollon
Russell Scott
Seeb Family Fund
Judith Shepelak and George Vinyard
Robert and Anne Skoff
Carol and Jeff Smith
Lauren Snyder
Sally Somsel
Standard Insurance Company
Alex Starr
Nancy and Chris Steele
Dave Sullivan
Peter and Penny Szafran
Francis and Evelyn Tenbusch
Adam Thompson
Stephen and Amy Tongue
Paul and Nancy Tousley
Susan Turner
Alex Vanderkaay
Robin Vanderkaay
Village of Elk Rapids
Kent and Suzanne Walker
Brian Walsworth
Kenneth and Patricia Warner
Christine Waters
Andrew Watkins
Richard and Lucinda Weiermiller
Toni Westerholm
Wendy Willoughby
Donna Witkovsky
Diana Wong
Peter Worden
Linda Zeratsky
Streams ($1 to $99)
Frances Alfs
Meghan Allsop
Amal Alyusuf
Stephen and Mary Andriese
Kristin Antoniotti
Paul and Judy Arnold
Kristine Auwers
Todd Avis
William Bader
Hillary Baker
Adrienne Barnes
Trevor Barnes
Lisa Bashert
Diane Bauer
Susan Beadle
Brian Beauchamp
Libby Belanger
Jan Bell
Lee Berry
Marika BeVier
Tracy and Dan Bielaczyc
Courtney and Nick Bierschbach
Nancy Birnie-Visscher
Greg Blase
Gretchen Blase
Rick and Kathy Bodette
Earl Bogrow
Devin Bond
Jeanne Boyd
Ann Brennan
Bob and Nancy Brick
Bob and Wendy Brickman
Preston Britner
Alesia Brown
Corrin Buck
Gay and Richard Budinger
Deborah Burt
Nancy Burt
Susanne Buxton
Chris Bzdok and Colleen Masterson-Bzdok
Chris Campbell
Ruth and Robert Campbell
Adrian Carnie
Christopher and Emily Carol
Justin Carscadden
Joel Casler
Jan Chapman
Hannah Cheadle
Joel Cheney
Scott Cheney
Shannon Choiniere
Julie Clark
Tom and Mary Clark
Kristen Cleghorn
Carla Clemons
Chris Coleman
Beth Collins
Cynthia E. Collins
Lou Colombo
Paula Colombo
Community Foundation Rotary Endowment
Denise Congleton
Karl and Tracy Cooper
Dean Corey
Carol Cornish
Ann Couturier
Lucy Couturier
Sandra Cripps
Stacy Crutchfield
Jennifer Dallaqua
Megan D’Amour
Pat Daum
Darryl Davidson
Sharon Dean
Timothy DeHaan
Robert and Linda Deneen
Christina Dickinson
Caroline Dieterle
Heather Dlugosz
Maura Dougherty
Bryce and Paula Dreeszen
Jane and Daniel Ecclestone
Susan Eldred
Sue Empson
Mackenzie and Marcia M. Endo
Liza Escott
Mark and Christine Esper
Tracy Favaro
Erika Ferguson
Sharon Finkbeiner
Grant Flewwelling
Cathie Foley
John Folta
Paula Fomby
Janet Francisco
Robert Frank
William and Constance Frey
Susan and Jim Frye
Elyce Fuller
Robert Gamalski
Stephen Gardner and Margot Nacey
Kristie Gaspari
Tom Gee
Pamela Gegesky
Doug and Shirley Gembis
Steven Genord
Adam Gigandet
Michael Gillman
Margaret Ging
Chris Gladieux
Denice and Victor Goldschmidt
Eric Grasha
Linda Gregory
Chris and Marlene Griffin
Jillian Gross
Christopher Guyer
Jeffery Haag
Nancy Haggerty
Barbara Hanson
Terri and Mark Hanson
Mark Harvey
Roy Harvey
Sharon Harvey
Alice Hauser
Lucia Heinold
Anita Henry
Luis Hernandez-Garcia
Shirley Hinnau
Harland Holman
Jeff Housner
Jerry and Carol Inman
Dave and Mary Jankowski
Laura Jaquish
Helen Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Jamie Jolicoeur
Bradley Jones
Marilyn Jonker
Lisa Kaiser
Marilyn Kamp
Sarah Kebler
Renee Keller
Jeffrey and Susan Kessler
Diana Ketola
Michaline and Gerald Kilts
Kelly Kimberling
Adrienne Kimbrell
Robert and Karen Kingon
Robin Kirsch
Joe and Jacquie Klesing
Oliver Klesing
Sebastian Klesing
Katelyn Kline
Gerald and Donna Klinefelter
Mary Knight
Sean Kolhoff
Joan Kramps
David and Barbara Krause
Anne and Larry Krawczak
Dawn Kretz
Jeff Kroeger
Diane Lagerstrom
Theodore and Natalie Lanham
Monica Larsen
Joseph LaVanture
Timothy Leahy
Shelly Lefkoe
Marcel and Carrie Lenz
John Lister
Robert Logee
David Loveland
Katie Lowran
Dominique Lucas
Michael Lukela
Eric Macks and Suzette Lavigne
John Macorkindale
Marcy Maller
Ken and Priscilla Marek
Lynn Marinelli
Marlene December Revocable Living Trust
Barry and Deborah Marsh
Luke Mason
Robin Matuseski
Linda McBride
Louise McCormick
Ann and Douglas McInnis
Lou Ann and James McKimmy
Eli McNaughton
Derek Mead
Sarah Meinhart
Jessica Melton
Barbara Meredith
Jeffrey Meyer
Judith Meyer
Budimir Milic
Jaime and Timothy Miller
John and Ann Marie Mitchell
Mark Moreno
Betsy Morley
Scott and Lorinda Moss
Mt. Holiday
Bill and Dorothy Mudget
Cathy Muha
Andrew Munch
Jeffery Murphy
Dawn Myers
Chris Newell
Becky Norris
Rebecca Northway
Ellen Northway
Kelly Nowak
Ellen Offen
Bonnie Olszewski
Joseph Olszewski
Steven Orr
Thomas Osial
Jon and Cynthia Ostroski
Nick Ostroski and Heather Smith
Louis and Estelle Pach
Colleen Paveglio
Priscilla Payne
Loretta Pedley
Mollie Perry
John R. and Amy T. Pflughoeft
Barbara and Thomas Pickett
Jill Poyle
Bette Puschel
John and Melinda Putz
Lindsay Quade
Jasmine Ramahi
Marci Ramahi
Dan Rasey
Susan Rauser
Lisa Raymo
Katie Rechenmacher
Jessi Reed
Reem Reem
Jason Rehahn
Raymond and Barbara Reinert
Greg and Terri Reisig
Amber Reseigh
Dean and Bonnie Rhoads
Michael and Alice Rhyner
Clark Richardson
Daniel and Jessica Rickard
Rachel Riddle
Tom Riedel
Mark Riederer
Jason Risner
Michael and Libby Robold
Virginia Roosevelt
Michael and Sharon Root
Christina Rose
Jean Ross
Mac Lisa Rowland
Sarah Ruff
Namita Sachdev
Debbie Schroeder
Robert Schubert
Ken Schweigert and Torre Boone
Nicola Sebastiani
Jelena Sesar
Alison and Richard Sheets
Cara Shepard
Paul Sherry
Erin Shirey
Frank Simkins
David Simpson
Meredith Slota
Kelsey Smedley
Douglas Smith
Mark and Ann Smith
Margaret Soderberg
Annmarie St Peter
Leo and Linda Stallman
Susan Storelli
Ruth and Bob Stow
Kathleen Stringer
Alan Tenczar
Ruth Thelen
Heather Therrien
Cyril and Jacqueline Thiel
Mark Thomas
Kim and Rick Thomas
Kate Thornhill
Stacey Tobar
Hollie Torba
Richard and Peggy Townsend
Michelle Trisch
Shirley Trisch
Amy Trumbull
Gene Turner
Bill Uetricht
Cheryl and Vey Valentine
Tyler Vandemark
Betsy VanKlompenberg
Kaly Vasquez
Hans and Maureen Voss
Marie Voss
Pam Walker
Jim Wallace
Frederic and Judith Walter
David and Becky Watt
Craig and Laura Webb
Cheryl West
Amy White
Bethany Whitehead
Christine Wiatr
Harry Wiberg
Phyllis Wilkinson
Bob Wilson
Nathan Winkler and Jenna Scheub
Tammy Winnie
Emma Witkovsky
Allen and Janice Wolfe
Lewis Wolters
Roberta Wonders
Lizzy and Mark Woodhead
Kathryn Woolery
Nicholas Zacek
Meghan Zammit
Yvonne Zammit
Mike Zera
Rose and Mark Zivkovich
Katharine Zurek
Honorariums and Memorials
In honor of Heather Smith from Grand Traverse Audubon Club
In honor of Kean Oh from Jennifer and Matthew Grennell
In honor of Larry DeBow from Tracy Korte
In Honor of Larry DeBow from Holly Poulos
In memory of William Anthony Donahue from Molly Donahue and Keith Reynaud
In Kind
9 & 10 News
Apache Trout Grill
Bayside Coffee and Tea
Bill Marsh Automotive Group
Blk Mrkt
Alfred and Joan Bonney
Bonobo Winery
Boyne Country Sports
Cherry Republic
Downtown TC
Earthen Ales
Espresso Bay
Good Harbor
Grand Traverse Bay YMCA
Grand Traverse Distillery
Harrington’s By The Bay
Higher Grounds Trading Company
L. Mawby Vineyards
Left Foot Charley
Lucky Jack’s
MacDonald Garber Broadcasting
Mama Lu’s
Milk and Honey
John Nelson
Northern Angler
Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network
Oryana Natural Foods Market
Paddle TC
Robold Household
Scoops 22
State Theatre and Bijou
West End Tavern


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