Kids Creek Restoration Program

The Watershed Center  has been working on Kids Creek-related projects since July 2003 and continues today. Currently, a 2-mile portion of Kids Creek is on Michigan’s Impaired Waters List due to sedimentation and stormwater runoff.

Highlights from the past 15 years include:

  • Underground stormwater detention chamber to capture and ‘slow release’ runoff at Munson’s new parking garage structure on Sixth Street/Elmwood Avenue
  • Full stream restoration of Kids Creek Tributary AA that runs between the Grand Traverse Commons and Grand Traverse Pavilions that included the creation of a floodplain area along 1,200 feet of stream that was planted 65 new trees and hundreds of flowering plants and shrubs
  • Installation of two rain gardens along Cottageview Drive in partnership with the Village at Grand Traverse Commons
  • Installation of a rain garden at the State of Michigan Office Building on Eleventh Street
  • Installation of 3,100 square-feet of green roof on Munson’s NW Tower A
  • Stormwater wetland installation on corner of Elmwood Ave and Medical Campus Drive
  • Installation of a new rain garden, tree box planters and porous pavement parking area by Munson Healthcare Foundation Offices on Medical Campus Drive
  • Sediment basin reconstruction at West Front Primary Care
  • Green Infrastructure installations at Munson’s Cowell Family Cancer Center including:
    • Installation of a 3,304 square-foot green roof on the Cowell Family Cancer Center.
    • Installation of two sets of underground infiltration trenches that can hold up to 240,000 gallons of water
  • Daylighting and naturalizing a 900 foot section of Kids Creek Tributary A running through Munson’s Campus that included:
    • Creation of almost 1/4 mile of natural meandering stream
    • Elimination of 72,000 square-feet (1.25 football fields) of paved surfaces
    • Creation of a 15-30 foot wide buffer that was planted with native flowers and shrubs.
    • Establishment of a 27,000 square-foot (.62 acre) floodplain
  • Nearly 30 streambank stabilization sites along Kids Creek in partnership with Grand Traverse Conservation District
  • Restoration of 3,000 feet of Kids Creek in conjunction with Grand Traverse Conservation District by Great Wolf Lodge that used to be buffalo pasture

Coming in 2018/2019:

  • Yellow Drive (by Spanglish) – paving and dry wells
  • Medical Campus Drive – StormTree boxes, rain gardens, pervious pavement
  • Munson Emergency Room culvert replacement and floodplain connection
  • Stormwater wetland at outlet of Fourteenth Street Stormdrain in partnership with the City of Traverse City

Kids Creek Restoration Project funders include:

  • City of Traverse City
  • Consumers Energy Foundation
  • Grand Traverse Conservation District
  • Grand Traverse Pavilions
  • Great Lakes Commission
  • Great Lakes Fishery Trust
  • Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
  • Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • The Minervini Group
  • Munson Medical Center
  • Oleson Foundation
  • Royal Bank of Canada Foundation
  • Walker Foundation
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