Freshwater Summit

The Freshwater Summit is an annual conference of environmental professionals and engaged citizens focusing on current issues facing the Great Lakes region. The 2018 event featured a host of great speakers and presentations, including the following:

Understanding Drivers of Historical and Future Changes in Great Lakes Water Levels
Andrew D. Gronewold, Physical Scientist, NOAA-GLERL

Planning to be a Resilient Great Lakes Community
Richard Norton, Professor of Urban & Regional Planning Program, University of Michigan

Measuring the Economic Impacts of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
Matt Doss, Policy Director, Great Lakes Commission

Update on the Boardman River Restoration Project
Amy Beyer, Executive Director, Conservation Resource Alliance and Project Manager, Boardman River Dam Removal and Restoration Project

Blue Communities Vision for Grand Traverse Bay
Adam Arend, Environmental Policy graduate student, University of Michigan
Kangyu Yu, Landscape Architecture graduate student, University of Michigan
Nancy Ye, School for Environment and Sustainability graduate student, University of Michigan
Kaitlin Vapenik, Environmental Informatics graduate student, University of Michigan
Lingzi Liu, Landscape Architecture graduate student, University of Michigan

Leveraging Regional Partners and Impact to Intertwine Land and Water
Kira Davis, Program Director, Conservation Resource Alliance

Community Engagement in Water Management
Alicia Symanski, Freshwater Studies Student, Great Lakes Water Studies Institute
Courtney Adams, Interpreter, Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ Carl T. Johnson Hunt and Fish Center
Chelsea Cooper, Water Quality Monitoring Technician, Manistee Conservation District

Local Advocacy for Local Impact
Heather Smith, Grand Traverse BAYKEEPER®, The Watershed Center

FishPass: Understanding Fish Movement in the Lower Boardman (Ottaway) River
Reid Swanson, Fish Biologist, Great Lakes Fishery Commission

Great Lakes Stewardship in the Classroom
Jeanie Williams, Lead Scientist and Education Coordinator, Inland Seas Education Association

How MAEAP Protects Michigan’s Water Resources
Lauren Silver, Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) Technician, Grand Traverse Conservation District

Local Involvement in the 2018/2019 National Rivers and Streams Assessment
James Stricko, Research Scientist, Great Lakes Environmental Center

Coastal Waterfront Community Tools for Sustainability
Mark Breederland, Extension Educator, Michigan Sea Grant

The 2019 Freshwater Summit will be held on Friday, October 25.


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