Designated Watershed Uses

Designated Uses in the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed

Each of Michigan’s surface waters is protected by Water Quality Standards for specific designated uses that are designed to:
1. Protect the public’s health and welfare
2. Enhance and maintain the quality of water
3. Protect the state’s natural resources

Protected designated uses as defined by Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) include: agricultural, industrial water supply, public water supply (at point of intake), navigation, warm water and/or cold water fishery, other indigenous aquatic life and wildlife support, and partial and total body contact recreation.

Designated Uses in the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed
While none of the designated uses for the State of Michigan are impaired on a watershed-wide scale for the Grand Traverse Bay watershed, some of them are in fact threatened. Threatened waterbodies are defined as those that currently meet water quality standards, but due to current activities and resulting pollutants, may not in the future.

Through our research we have determined that five of the watershed’s designated uses are threatened and should be protected in order to maintain water quality throughout the Grand Traverse Bay and its Watershed.

Thereatened Designated Uses:

* Cold water fishery

* Other indigenous aquatic life

* Total body contact (May 1 – October 31)

* Navigation

* Public water supply at point of intake

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