Desired Uses

Desired uses can be defined as the ways in which people use the watershed and the ways which people think it should be protected and/or preserved for future generations. They may be very general, very specific, or somewhere in between.

In addition to researching regulated designated uses, our project Steering Committee identified a number of locally-determined desired uses for the watershed.

To determine desired uses for the watershed, local government and public stakeholder meetings were held in Winter – Spring 2003. Participants filled out a survey indicating their desired uses for the watershed, along with indicating how they use the watershed and what they perceive as the main threats to water quality.

Desired uses for the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed include recreational, aesthetic, and ecosystem preservation:

Desired Use Category  &  Goal


* Maintain high quality areas in the watershed for recreation such as fishing, canoeing, boating, hiking, camping, and birding.
* Develop additional Designated Natural Areas throughout the watershed for recreation and education.
* Increase the number of boardwalks, gardens, and public parks along rivers and lakes in urban settings.


* Preserve the distinctive aesthetic character and inherent beauty of the Bay and its watershed.
* Design and promote development that supports privacy, security, and visual quality throughout the watershed.

Ecosystem Preservation

* Maintain and preserve wildlife corridors throughout the watershed.

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