On November 6, 2018, northern Michigan voters will head to the polls to vote for candidates at the local, state, and national level. At The Watershed Center, we advocate for clean water. We will share opportunities to meet with candidates at forums as we are able. If you know of a candidate forum, please let us know by contacting Shelli DiFranco, Director of Community Engagement, at or 231-935-1514 ext 5. 

Upcoming Candidate Forums:

  • Sept. 25th, 7pm: West Middle School, Little Theater – Nov 6th General Election Ballot Proposals.*
  • Oct. 8th, 7pm: 104th State House of Representatives Garfield Township Hall – Larry Inman and Dan O’Neil*
  • Oct 18th, 7pm: 37th State Senate Garfield Township Hall – Wayne Schmidt and Jim Page*
*Hosted and organized by The League of Women Voters
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